Nails and Spa

Manicure $18 
Pedicure $30 
Mani - Pedi $45 
Kid's Mani - Pedi $35 

(under 10)


Manicure $33 
French Manicure $36 
Pedicure $45 
French Pedicure $48 
Mani + Regular Pedi $60 
Mani - Pedi $75 

Shellac Polish Change

Nails $20 
French Nails $25 
Toe Nails $25 
French Toe Nails $30 
Remove Old Shellac $5 

Healthy Natural Nails

Full Set French $50 
Full Set Color $45 
Fill French $40 
Fill Color $35 
Repair $5 


Full Set $40 
Fill $28 
Full Set Gel $50 
Fill Gel $38 

Extra Services

French $5 
Paraffin Wrap $5 
Nail Repair $5 
Nail Soak - Off Acrylic $10 
Nail Soak - Off Shellac $5 
Nail Design $5 +
Polish Change Nails $10 
Polish Change Toe Nails $12 


Facial $60 
Eyebrow Tinting $20 

Eyelash Extension

All lash Artists at MY SPA HOP are fully state licensed. We are quality trained and tested regularly by our own Master Artist Quality Assurance team.
Full set Eyelash Extension ( classic)*

Since My Beauty adds 50 lashes per eye which fill about 30-40% of your real lashes, you may come back in 7 -10 days for a touch-up. Real lashes typically shed 1-5 lashes a day. (Appx 100 lashes – 40 mins)

MY CHARM (hybrid) $100 

Since My Charm adds 70 lashes per eye which fill about 50-60% of your real lashes, you may come back in 7 -12 days for a touch-up. (Appx 140 lashes – 60 mins)

MY LUXURY (hybrid volume) $120 

Tears of joy won’t hurt these semi-permanent lashes. These are water-resistant, thicker, longer, and natural-looking lashes that last from pre-wedding celebrations on through your honeymoon. Since My Luxury adds 90 lashes per eye which fill about 70-80% of your real lashes, you may come back in 10-14 days for a touch-up. (Appx 180 lashes – 90 mins)


Achieve lashes like your favorite Hollywood star. Now you too can have the look! Since My Elegant adds 120 lashes per eye which fill about 70-80% of your real lashes, you may come back in 2- 3 weeks for a touch-up. (Appx 240 lashes – 120 mins)


These are the most Dramatic lashes of our product offerings you have ever seen but feel the most comfortable and lightest weight. If you have 300+ natural lashes, you are a lucky person and can enjoy the benefits of My Magnificent which add approx 300+ lashes ( up to 3 hours ). Since we fill 100% of your lashes, you may come for a touch-up every 3-4 weeks. However, in order to maintain your perfection, MyLash technicians recommend you to come for a refill as often as you prefer.

Touch Up Eyelash Extension ( classic)*  

You may come back 1-4 weeks for a touch-up to keep your lashes looking fresh and beautiful. The Eyelash Extension fill will depend on your natural lashes shedding cycle, how long you have been gone, and how many preferred lashes you want in order to achieve the right touch up and return you back to your preferred look. ( recommended between 2-3 weeks) ( 4-5 weeks the lashes roof go too far then weight down and make our real lashes shade more and got more change.
Everyone who comes in with under 20 lashes leftover will need to start a new full set. You may have a special discount. Our stylist will consult with you before they start your session in

Haft Fill Classic (35 mins) $45 
Fill Classic (60 mins) $60 
Volume (75 mins) $70 
Mega Volume (90 mins) $85 


Eyebrow $12 
Lip $6 
Chin $10 
Jawline $10 
Full Face $35 +
Full Arm $40 
Half Arm $24 
Under Arm $15 
Full Leg $60 +
Lower Half Leg $35 
Uper Half Leg $35 
Back $45 
Chest $45 
Bikini $35 +
Brazilian $55